Who We Are

Officers and Directors Past and Present

Chairman of Board:
Dr. A.R. Chambers: 1955-1969
Emerson E. Lynn: 1969-2003
Mary Kay Heard: 2003-present

Glenn O. McGuire: 1955-1960
Marvin E. Boyer: 1960-1967
Ray Pershall: 1967-1980
Howard K. Gilpin: 1980-1986
Ralph Moser: 1986-1994
Max. V. Snodgrass: 1994-2005
Jerry L. Skidmore: 2005-2007
John D. McRae: 2007-present

Beginning: Glenn O. McGuire, Angelo C. Scott, Howard M. Immel, George H. Mack, A.R. Chambers, Wayne Archer, Frank W. Thompson, Howard K. Gilpin, Richard C. Cook, W.C. Perham, Leslie L. Norton, Paul H. Ellis, Dudley L. Henderson, John L. Sleeper, Marvin E. Boyer

Present: Mary Kay Heard, John McRae, Judy Kramer, John Masterson, Jerry Dreher, Jerry Skidmore, Gary Hoffmeier, Ed Miller, Ron Hageman, Jim Gilpin, Montie Taylor, Job Springer, Lisse Regehr, Susan Lynn, Tim Stauffer and Josh Granere

On June 1, 2021, Iola Industries, Inc. held the 66th annual meeting of its stockholders. The meeting occurred at Allen Community College’s Stadler Meeting Room.

Of note was a special recognition of Ed Miller, who after 33 years of service as a director of the board, is retiring. Chairman of the Board Mary Kay Heard thanked Miller for his lifetime of service to Iola.

Only the Best

Iola Industries, Inc. works with the City of Iola and Allen County to partner with Thrive Allen County on economic development initiatives. Lisse Regehr, Thrive Allen County’s chief executive officer, is our point of contact for inquiries and information. Get in touch with Lisse below.

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16 W. Jackson Ave.
Iola, KS 66749


Economic Development - Thrive Allen County

In collaboration with the City of Iola and Allen County, Iola Industries works with Thrive Allen County to take the lead on economic development efforts. Thrive’s CEO Lisse Regehr works for business retention and growth, attracting new businesses, workforce development and enhancing quality of life in Allen County.